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The PUNIAF Way: Tile Designs to Remember

If you’ve been following along on social media, then you probably know that a lot of my projects have amazing (if I do say so myself) tile designs. Integrated into the floor, shining bright from the front stoop, or simply creating intrigue throughout a house, tiles are one my favorite things to decorate and design with…and I think it shows 😉. So I wanted to hop on here and share the PUNIAF way (a.k.a. tile designs to make us all swoon).

Why Tile?

First things first, why tile? Well, for a couple reasons. Mostly, the versatility of it! So many different colors, textures, finishes, and materials. There’s so much to work with that it’s hard to resist. Plus, it’s easy to clean which makes it perfect for pretty much every corner of the home. It shines in bathrooms, makes cleaning a greasy kitchen easy, and withstands the natural elements really well in outdoor spaces. It might require a steady hand and years of experience to cut, but the final look and overall effect is more than worth the extra effort.

Then there’s the look of it. It’s a natural element even when it’s in an unnaturally bright or saturated color. Tile breaks up monotony, introduces patterns and textures, and creates unique lines. It’s also great for creating spa-like looks and adding subtle variances and shading as the natural colors and patinas flow organically.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: why not tile?

PUNIAF x Peach

Let’s start with this amazing peachy tile. These handcrafted glazed clay Zellige tiles (here in Desert bloom) have a huge range of hues within each color, and a shiny finish that adds a little sparkle to contrast the dark blue beneath them in this kitchen. They also tied into the rest of the house that had a terra cotta colored sofa, light, peachy-tan art, and natural wood.

PUNIAF x Terra Cotta

If it’s no secret that I love tile, then it’s really

no secret how often we work with traditional terra cotta tiles. Especially in southern California with a lot of Spanish-style homes, where terra cotta really shines.

There are multiple homes where I’ve used this tile for the outside steps and patios. It’s a fantastic warm neutral that goes with so many other colors, making it incredibly easy to mix and match with other tiles and integrate into any room or outdoor design.

PUNIAF x All Colors at Once

Did I say terra cotta went with all other colors, or did I say terra cotta went with all other colors? I mean, I’m obsessed with this terra cotta and blue crossover. This was a bit of a risk, but I think it paid off and it was definitely something that stunned (and continues to stun).

These specific terra cotta tiles are called Saltillo tiles while the decorative hand painted ones are called Talavera tiles. Although they came from Mexico, this combo has a distinct European and Mediterranean vibe, bringing Spain and Greece to mind. While this is a popular use of Talavera here in the south, to make the final choices and pair the designs successfully is a whole adventure. And I'm here for it every time!

PUNIAF x Mixed and Matched

This latest project (and its bright red door) needed some mixed and matched tile designs. Black, white, and gray mixed with blue, red, yellow, and teal equaled the perfect funky design that introduces you to the whole house.

PUNIAF x Black and White

You didn’t think we’d get through all of this and not mention black and white did you? Ha! Well, obviously I’ve done some black and white tile, like this Art Deco design for the Potomac Palms project. Mixed with gold, these tiles paired perfectly with the kitchen hardware, added some visual variance in the shape and flow of the kitchen space, tied in the geometric design details of the dining room right next door, and pulled in the black and white tile of the fireplace in the living room.

Other black and white designed included geometric deconstruction (another kitchen job) and front steps with mixed and matched patterns.

Clearly, tile is one of my favorite go-tos for adding drama, color, shape, art, and so much more to homes inside and out. I love that I can really think outside the box with tile—it doesn’t have to be white and subway-style. It also doesn’t have to be the only thing you use. For this bathroom (below - and also Potomac Palms), for example, tile was a quick accent that took a solid concrete floor and made it a central detail that anyone using the bathroom is sure to remember.

Love tile, too? Let's get your project started with a quick chat about all of our tile visions!

Get in touch and we’ll make it happen!

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