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Design with a Purpose: Why I Do What I Do

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Isn’t it funny that all it took was a world-wide pandemic to teach us just how important our homes are and just how much we rely on our environments to keep us happy? This epiphany inspired me to blend my passion for construction, landscaping, and overall design with my healthy (or maybe unhealthy) obsession for revamping homes and backyards that my Los Angeles friends and neighbors would never want to leave.

Now that's what I call design with a purpose! It’s the team, it’s the passion, it’s the love for the details and process. Most importantly, it’s the satisfaction after seeing and hearing that what we create gets used and enjoyed by entire families and truly changes their lives. It’s simply contagious.

If You Don’t Know… A Little About Me

I am in love with everything about design, and have always felt drawn to hands-on projects and creating. When I was seven months pregnant, my husband and I purchased a fixer-upper and have been shaping it into a dream home ever since. To add a little more to my plate in addition to motherhood and a full-home renovation, I also started and have been proudly expanding this dream into a collaborative, full-service company, beautifying Los Angeles one home at a time.

Thanks to my humble beginnings of working on projects for friends, I've been able to convert my 20 years of graphic design experience and MacGyver-level problem-solving skills into a thriving design and build company that works on indoor renovations, backyard transformations, and so much more. I have even been the subject of fantastic profile pieces in both Shout Out LA and Voyage LA , as well as in the biggest Polish portal!

"As more people found similar appreciation for well-designed surroundings through the pandemic and new post-pandemic lifestyle, the need for my eye, construction experience and crew, and a word of mouth, quickly placed me and my team on the “sought-after” list… Truly a lifelong dream come true for me." - Voyage LA article

The Why of It All

I’ve designed all types of rooms – music studios, living rooms, bathrooms, entire homes – but I have found the most surprising satisfaction when focusing on one of the most neglected areas, the great outdoors! Taking a sad unutilized backyard and creating something delightful and functional is where my passion for light, texture, colors, and layouts really shines!

There is something so special about having a space that caters just to you, your family, and your lifestyle. Your home is your refuge, from your kitchen to your backyard lounge space. These are places where we gather and make memories everyday. And that’s really the “why” of it all; with my team, I want to give you a useful, beautiful space filled with joy, that grows with you through every stage of life.

I love taking spaces that are relatively unused, crowded, or awkward and making them a point of pride, something you can show off to your friends, and a space where everyone can feel comfortable - while also keeping things interesting and unique.

I want to take your personality and translate it into landscaping, furniture, décor, art, paint, and light fixtures that speak to you on a personal level and make it easy to call your home YOURS!

Why We’re Cool 👍🏻

The approach is an all-inclusive, approachable design and build service that takes your project to heart. With a full construction team behind me (Paulina, a.k.a. your design fairy godmother) we take on full-scale, design-and-build projects that require expertise in everything from demo to electric to the finer details of which pillow would look best. We collaborate with vendors to get you great pricing and amazing, unique products. And we dote on every. single. project. with an unchecked passion for creating workable, livable, lovable spaces that are truly life changing.

In other words: we’re all in!

So whether you want to finally add that addition, reinvent your backyard oasis, wow your neighbors with some serious curb appeal, or reimagine everything your home can offer you, is here to take your living space to the next level and make your dreams magically come true.

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