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A good project makes you rethink everything multiple times. Which means Potomac Palms gets the top spot for amazing projects! This extensive renovation was months in the making that paid off in so many ways. Not the least of which being the fact that YOU can now stay in this beautiful home filled with tons of old-school, as well as modern, character. 

This home has been around since 1924. Originally a Spanish-style house that was later stripped of its character and remained that way for decades until we rescued it.


Top to bottom, inside and out, my team worked tirelessly to give this home a complete makeover and create a home where people would want to go to hang out, relax, and enjoy this lovely town we call home. The Potomac Palms Paradise was a journey, and I’m so excited to share it with you all.


This was a diamond in the rough in a big way. During demo we discovered this amazing original window that had been covered completely. Obviously, we had to preserve it, so we uncovered and restored it, making it a centerpiece of the whole home. Now, it let's tons of natural light into the dining room and kitchen.


Details, details, details. The decisions were seemingly endless as I picked out paint colors, tiles, mirrors, lights, rugs, sofas, chairs, bedspreads, art, appliances, door hardware, and so much more. The end result is a sleek, simplified, homy look and feel that hinges on a black and white base with big pops of color.

PXL_20230301_001302661~2 (1).jpg


Major work was needed for the whole bedroom area of this house. As you can see in the video, there was a leak, and we had to basically gut the whole thing and start from scratch.

Potomac Palms is a three bedroom, two bath home and, as a rental, that's a huge draw. So obviously plenty of thought had to be put into the bedrooms. Ultimately, we chose a color scheme that flows from bedroom to bedroom, tying them all together while still distinguishing them in their own way.

Each room is equipped with linens, a closet, Alexa, wireless phone chargers, and more. A far cry from their original dilapidated state.


Bedroom #1

The primary suite with a yellow headboard and comfy chair is roomy and bright!

Bedroom #2

The second bedroom has a green headboard and a window view directly into the back yard!


Bedroom #3

Bedroom number 3 incorporates a lot of lovely, relaxing green and has sliding doors to step out into the California sunshine.


Closed off from the other rooms, the living room was dark, outdated, and needed some serious love. But it also had good bones - like the original fireplace. So we had hope. We still took out a wall and opened the whole space up so the living room, dining room, and kitchen all flow together for one big space for entertaining and mingling.