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My Color Obsession: 3 Color Combos for Every Home

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

I don’t think I’ve made a secret that I love color, color combos, bright colors, and pretty much everything having to do with colors. It’s kind of my thing, and I’m always ready to help clients find their own color obsession as we pick out all the fun trinkets and decorations for their outdoor spaces. And since I am a life-long, self-proclaimed color fanatic, I wanted to share my favorite 3 color combos for every home!

Black & White

Obviously 😉 My life long favorite, this duo is classic and time-tested and effortlessly elegant – while also being bold and funky! I think it just depends on how you use them. Wide stripes will be a little more playful while big white walls in your interior, with delicate black accents will be a little more muted and in control. In any case, these two neutrals make decorating with other colors super easy and give everything a nice clean and modern look. Take a look around my social media and SideDoor accounts to find some black&white inspiration. Don't forget to warm it up with some naturals, like wood, baskets or fluffy textures.

Warm Oranges & Luscious Green

Years of working with plants and throw pillows, while enjoying my orange tree, has taught me that I LOVE bright orange, warm yellow, and a good luscious green color combo! This is such a happy pair that bursts with light and fun – which is exactly what you want your backyard to say. It’s also super easy to get this combo without doing too much work. Just use the green you already have (a gift from the great outdoors) and throw some burnt orange pillows, a cute stool, maybe a funky rug onto your patio and just like that you’ve got this lovely combination making your day better.

Blue, White & Terracotta

A decent number of the homes I work on are a Spanish-style home which lends itself beautifully to amazing terracotta tiles and accents. But the question always is: what do I pair them with? And the most universal answer is usually talavera tiles in blue hues! I love mixing and matching these two because the combo just works so well and is so satisfying and lovely. The warm tones of the terracotta lift the bright turquoise or electric blues of the decorative tiles and it all comes together as a feast for the eyes. High contrasting navy and white on the other hand might be the most style crossing combo of all times! You'll find it on antique china, Spanish hand decorated tiles, cottage style kitchen, and modern nurseries. Bring it to your space in accesories, a colorful chair or an outdoor rug. When you don't know your style, go for navy and white ;)

PS. The gorgous backsplash in the photos above was made with ZIA tile "Zellige" series in Dessert Bloom.

If these fairly safe combos aren't enough for you, color trend predictions for the fall 2022 are quite crazy...

By Pantone's own admission, the fall palette is "rife with conventional contradictions." Umm yep.

I guess while we crave something peaceful and calming to help us handle today's state of the world, we also need some bright AF and bold stuff because we still want to feel pumped up as if a huge party is finally just around the corner. And I'm gonna CHEERS to that thought!

What are your color obsessions? Tag me ( in your Instagram stories and show me your favorite color combos!

With love from PUNIAF 😘

This post may contain affiliate links, but I would never recommend products I don't love!

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