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Full Remodel & Refresh - design and construction

This backyard was deceptive and seemed to have little space, but we turned it into a true retreat with three different areas to relax and enjoy the California sun. 

See what we can make your space do for you? It’s so fun to see this transformation… and even more fun to make it happen :) 

We called it the “classy Spanish yard” because of the simplicity of the design and details. Everything has a sleek, modern style with little bits of added Spanish-inspired flourish. 

A Few Things We Had To Do:

Getting rid of the stone walkway was key in opening up this yard and making it look and feel bigger. 

The unsightly HVAC had to go! Unfortunately, HVAC is, well, super important so we had to come up with a creative plan. HVAC systems are everywhere, and very intrusive, so I’m always having to come up with ways of hiding them, disguising them, and making it easy to believe the thing doesn’t exist at all. Just call me the HVAC Illusionist :) Our solution: we covered it up with the most gorgeous custom trellis built out of mahogany hardwood. Boom, done!

Small steep steps off of the master bedroom were replaced with a big landing and custom cedar pergola, perfect for enjoying your morning coffee. Wide stairs lead comfortably onto soft grass and serve as additional seating. The guest bedroom got a similar treatment, with saltillo tile plus white stucco finish.

Then we added in the sofa, chairs, the old fountain we brought back to life, and salmon tone sparkly rocks. Everything came together in a cohesive and relaxing backyard retreat where people can gather together for summer fun.

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