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studio building exterior.jpg


Although built with specific function in mind, this is one cool ADU ;)

The old garage "surprisingly" didn't even have a proper foundation (oh if we only got a penny every time we discover those...) so an "extention" turned into a tear down and re-build project. As the intention for this space was not an ordinary man cave, but a music production studio for a composer, we needed different materials to help minimize any outside distractions (and give the neighbors an option to listen to the undoubtedly amazing album material AFTER the release ;)) 

We used a specialty sound reducing drywall all around ( QuietRock - ) and then finished the space with sound absorbing panels and thick floor to ceiling drapes to cover the glass door and window. To keep our musician fresh and creative, we chose the quietest mini split AC & heating unit, with ceiling cassette type vent from Mitsubishi, that rocks.. umm I mean whispers, at 19-44dB.

Cheers to many successful scores and albums!

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