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6 Trends That Just Make Sense

It’s not often that I endorse sticking to trends. I love the unusual and artsy – the stuff that grabs your attention and keeps you looking around. I especially love the objects and color palettes that pull you in and speak to your sense of curiosity and playfulness, while still creating spaces where you can relax. But sometimes there are trendy things that just make sense. Here are my top 6 trends that I think just make sense when it comes to the way we all design!

The Benefits of Trends

It’s nice to have trends to lean back on and use as starting points. If you like the way something looks then it’s easy to tweak it so it is totally YOU while still capturing that original look. If you’re stuck for ideas, a trend is a great place to start.

Metallic Accents

Metallic accents have been around for a while, popping in and out of some of my own projects, as well the yearly trend lists. But honestly, this is one trend that, to me, just makes complete sense. Metallics add some refined elegance, or they can introduce a more industrial feel. They’re versatile, easy to clean, pretty and shiny, and add a little bit of glamor where it’s needed most. You can introduce metallics to any room of the house through decor details, light fixtures and hardware - it's just like jewerly.

Bold Colors

Bye-beige! I mean, not completely, but we’re certainly seeing everyone turn the corner when it comes to decorating with nothing but different shades of white. Beige, white, and their other neutrals will quickly become the base, while bigger bold colors steal the show and add a bit of personality to spaces. The current color trends seem to be favoring the greens, dark blues, bright purples and mellow pinks, so we have a lot to look forward to as homes take on a more sunshiny look!


While I’m not a huge fan of throwing stuff in a room for the sake of throwing stuff in a room, I do love a good eclectic mix of the fun and unique. When they say it’s all in the details, they mean it. The difference between a room and styled space is the details—the antiques mixed with contemporary art, the original home features decorated or repurposed to suit a modern home. There are a hundred different ways to get the maximalism look and feel without simply crowding a room.


Whether it’s a stack of books, an old coffee table, or decor, vintage always creates a little intrigue. And even if you’re not using actual vintage pieces, there is plenty of furniture and decor out there that pays homage to past decades.

Harmonizing Inside and Out

This article from Houzz says top designers are predicting more and more harmony between indoor and outdoor spaces. The idea that the two work together, complement each other, and flow from one to the other is exactly what everyone needs. I try to do this in a lot of my projects; the outside is just as important as the inside. And when there are ways to make the inside flow effortlessly into the outside, then even better!

What Makes You Happy

This seems like a cop out in terms of trends. But it’s honestly been predicted as a top design trend in the coming years. Decorating your space with what makes you happy will always win out over what’s strictly trendy. This allows us all to really lean into our personalities, the quirky things that make us smile, and anything that sparks joy, keeps us laughing, helps us relax, etc.

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With love from PUNIAF 😘

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