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What To Expect When You’re Expecting Me: A Design Consultation Breakdown

If seeing my projects online, browsing through pictures, and oohing and aahing has got you thinking you want me designing your home or landscape, then you probably have a few questions. First of all, “Where do I start?” No worries, click the button below and you’re halfway there! 

The second question you have might be “What happens after that?” If so, read on to find out what to expect when you’re expecting me to show up at your house for the very first design consultation!

But First…

I don’t ring your doorbell the minute you send me an email. First, there’s a few things that happen that are critical to the design process.

  1. The questionnaire. This helps me get an idea of your project, the scope of the work, your expectations and vision, and more. After you get in touch, we respond with a link to a short questionnaire.

  2. You meet Emma. Emma is my right hand (everybody say hi to Emma!👋🏻). She will be in touch post-questionnaire to set up a discovery call. This short phone meeting determines if we’re a good fit and helps us dive deeper into some project details, timelines, etc.

  3. You give the green light. When you say yes to the designer, we move on to the next phase: Initial Site Visit & Preparation of Scope of Work. Emma (👋🏻) will work with you to get this set up and then we all anxiously anticipate the big day! 

Paulina and Emma standing among painting and construction supplies

The Initial Site Visit & Preparation of Scope of Work

A.K.A. The First Design Consultation. I’ll be coming into your home, looking at the all the things that we can change, keep, and work around. But there are few other objectives:

  1. Meeting and getting to know each other. This face-to-face meeting helps us ensure that we all feel awesome and equally excited about working together and the project itself.

  2. We discuss the objectives of the project, of course, including what's there vs what you dream of.

  3. I walk through (you can come, too ;)). I see how you function/feel in your space, what works and what doesn't (and I don't hold back if I think of some improvement right there and then). You’ll get a real-time look at my process and hear some of my initial thoughts and ideas.

  4. We take photos. I snap a few shots of the spaces in question from every angle. We then use them to discuss the solutions and price the options. And they may or may not end up on my Instagram as part of the before and after of your project.

  5. I take a few measurements. These are typically not precise, but rather just overall sizing of main elements, like the backyard area, length of the driveway or fencing, etc. so I can price those items accurately in estimates that I give you. 

Consultation Technicalities

At this point in the process we’re both 99% sure we’ll be working together. So the site visit has an associated fee of $600, invoiced and paid ahead of time. This price includes:

  • Two hours of my team's time (usually 4 people) on the project site taking care of all of the above.

  • The preparation of the scope of work. The scope of work is an amazing tool for both of us to have. It narrows down and combines all the things we discussed, lists the different stages/needs of the project, and includes my design input! The scope also includes a rough estimate (most costs can be estimated at this point, or if not, due to missing specifics, we include placeholders). This gives you a really great idea of what the project entails, which is honestly priceless. 

  • The preparation of the contract so we can get this party started! 

I hope this has taken some of the mystery out of the initial phases of working with Whether you have a 2024 goal of tackling your home reno or just want to get me on your schedule, I hope you'll jump in with confidence and be just as excited for your site visit as we always are!

teak outdoor lounge chair with Welcome cushion and striped seat cushion and a small white side table

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