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This yard needed an overhaul and fast. A wonderful family of (almost) four lived on this corner lot that was nothing but dirt and thorny plants. The growing family had nowhere for kids or the dog to play and felt exposed with no privacy anywhere around the home.

The total sandlot in the front yard was annoying to everyone walking by due to sand or mud inevitably getting all over the sidewalk. And behind the house was a narrow bushy area that the homeowners never even entered because it was dominated by a wild, overgrown, thorny bougainvillea tree.

During our first walk through consultation I kept asking “Are you attached to this plant?” And wherever I pointed the answer was “Umm not really, could you maybe please rip it out?... Just rip it all out!”

As much as I always try to save whatever is reusable (plants, furniture, materials) this property was begging for a clean slate. So we tore everything out and started on the sandlot to oasis transformation. All around the house we added this gorgeous mahogany fencing that totally made this family’s dream of an outdoor space come true! And it kind of made me famous in the neighborhood because no other house had anything like it! Just call me your friendly neighborhood PUNIAF, here to save the day :D

We then added a podocarpus hedge to create even more privacy, real grass in the secure front yard to give the kiddos and dog a place to play while the parents step out for an afternoon coffee on their porch screened by climbing jasmine. 

Speaking of the porch, we opened it up and added steps down towards the driveway. Then finished it with traditional spanish saltillo (clay tile) and a modern style of decorative talavera tile. 

The narrow space in the back became a cute play area, with a full height fence for security, artificial turf and soft elephant ear plants. While the little (and previously useless) concrete patio behind the current garage got a cool rug and furniture to create a space they actually will finally use.

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