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Patio Lighting That Will Make You the Coolest House on the Block

We all love a good patio light; they’re a pretty detail that pulls everything together, they keep your house safe, indicate that you’re handing out Halloween candy, and, of course, shed enough light for you to enjoy your backyard well into the night. But what if I told you there was a way to avoid the classic wall-mounted lantern, and kick your patio light game up a notch? I hope you’re interested, because I’m going to share some cool ways to use patio lighting so you become the coolest house on the block!

Neon Rope Light

Let’s start with the coolest one: the neon rope light. These lights are very outdoor friendly, fairly inexpensive, and come with a remote so you can choose the color, or have them change colors with a click of a button. The rope style makes them flexible as well, so you can wrap them around your steps (like above), line the doorways or gardens with them, shape them into words, or encircle a support beam.

Recessed Lights

Recessed lights come in many shapes and sizes and are a fantastic way to hide lighting elements in plain sight during the day. These can go in your steps (like above), and can be hardwired to a light switch, but there are also other low profile fixtures (solar too) to light up your deck, fence, or railing. You can really get creative with these, spreading them throughout your yard to create subtle, unobtrusive light.

Floor Lights


Whaat? Floor lights outside? YES! Now you really create another room outside. You can get a more classic floor lamp design – one that’s on a stand – or reach outside that comfort zone and go for a shorter or oversized one like the Amphora Lamp that sits on the ground like a basket or large pot.

Random Decorative Lights


Another option is to put highly decorative lights throughout your yard. I love these globes that you can get in various sizes to place around your yard like little moons. Some of them are even waterproof to the extent that you can have them floating in your pool! There’s also some variations of these solar-powered firefly lights out there that are super cute and great for big garden areas that you want to light up without having to figure out the electricity side of things.

Want to take your backyard to the next level? Get in touch! We’ll work together to make your house the envy of the block 😉

Show me the cool lights in your yard! Tag me ( in your Instagram Stories so we can nerd out about lights together.

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