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Pandemic has taught us things

For example how to function within our four walls for an extended time and not go cray cray...? Now we know more than ever what kind of difference smart design and organization can make in your life.


Home office or backyard retreat?

If you're lucky to work from home (oh believe me, I know the struggle!) - does your office space work for you, or do you dream of working out of a private resort.

If you have a yard,

I can give you a resort.

You deserve to LOVE your surroundings

Is your dining table the headquarters of your life and the bathroom a time travel device? Do you have a yard no one ever steps into? 

I will know what to do and I come with a crew ;)


Wanted a change anyway?

New lifestyle, staycations, work from home forever... Or do you want to get that party space ready for post-pandemic bash!? 

Use my 



& let's go make some changes!



Paulina Friedel here ;)  How are you doing?

I firmly believe smart design is life changing.

If there’s anything we’ve learned over the past few years (with, you know, COVID) is that our homes and backyards are a huge part of our lives and can make or break our sanity.

I know that my local community and my home and yard SAVED me and my
family, which is why I started PUNIAF Design - I wanted to help my friends change everything they hated about their homes. Please don't let yourself be stuck with your empty backyards, and boring rooms any longer.

Reinvent your space, you’re worth it!
This is super important - it's SELF CARE and it matters.

We are a full-service construction and design team, so we start from the bottom and make your dream space magically appear. From start to finish we will all (I promise!) have a blast :)

There is plenty of inspiration online, but if you don't know where to begin,

let me help you figure some things out in a FREE 30 minute consultation. (No strings attached!!)

Just click the button below or scroll down to message me. 

When you're ready to invest in your comfort, let's talk about what's possible and get this thing started! Because when things are designed well, you can have a serious blast in your own home or fabulous backyard retreat! 

Check out my recent projects HERE 

and follow me on Instagram to see what've been working on!

PS. I want you to come out of Covid era saying

"Yes it was tough, but it got me thinking and look at what I've done to my place!"


It’s so overwhelming moving into a new house but Paulina was a great help as she walked us through major styling decisions when we needed serious direction on how to make our new place “home" on our budget. 
She advised us on everything from paint selection to furniture arrangement to helping us choose a stair railing.  She even picked paint colors based on photos, over the phone!
We are thrilled with the way our home has become truly our own in style, comfort and function. Thanks Paulina!

Nico C.

Needed a big change for the tone of my living room but I didn’t have a lot to spend. Paulina took a look at my place and decided I could really benefit from an accent wall. It was a brilliant and inexpensive idea. She helped me choose the wall and even the color to suit my taste. I couldn’t be happier ever since. The wall just pops and brings such a better vibe to my space.
I’ve been saving and looking forward to doing more projects with Paulina.
Can’t wait to give more love to my home.

Daniel K.

Every so often, one needs to have a closer look at their everyday spaces with a new set of eyes.  This can be your office, a small nook, or in my case my studio classroom.  With Paulina's help and guidance, our space was transformed.  The library was enhanced with a delightful canopy that clearly defined it.  The newly painted classroom became an extension of the outdoors with gorgeous natural greens.  Paulina was able to see my vision and need for a practical, versatile and beautiful space.  The new lightning is efficient and magical, and our display walls are finally organized and aesthetically appealing.  She has such creative energy! All in all, a wow experience. 
Thanks Paulina, you’re the best.

Darlene M.

Paulina has been helping me design my spaces now for over 10 years and has designed two of my music studios as well as my music classroom. Her obsessions with colors, furniture, plants, lighting, and accents keep her awake at night and working with her is guaranteed to elevate your living space no matter your setup.  I’ve learned over the years, time and time again, to truly trust her judgement because she ALWAYS delivers!! She can see things the minute she walks into a room that no one else can see.
Highly recommended!  10/10 ;)

Kyle W.



Briefly describe your issue/dreams, include your email, as well as a phone number so that I have multiple ways to contact you ;)

Thanks for submitting!



Designer & Maker

I’ve always been a DESIGNER of all things, passionately obsessed with colors, layouts, textures, light, interior design, construction, DIY and power tools. 

After years of being involved in numerous remodeling projects for friends and family, eventually purchasing a fixer-upper in Los Angeles, becoming a mom, and hands-on overseeing the construction of brand new buildings from A-Z, 

it felt like I had enough real life experience to pass it on.

I decided to officially leave my 20 year long career in graphic design and finally share

 my home makeover and MacGyver level problem solving skills with more people. 

And now you're here! 
Paulina Friedel aka PUNIAF.

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