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The Magic of Plants: 3 Transformations I Can't Stop Thinking About

Okay, let’s talk plants. Indoor plants found new fame during the pandemic because they brought the outside in and added some color to the homes we were all the sudden spending So.Much.Time.In. But I think we’ve forgotten the classic outdoor plants and all the magic they can create.

So, I wanted to talk about three projects that utilized plants to the fullest to create the outdoor space of the client’s dreams.

Reuse and Recycle

One of my things is that I don’t like throwing out things that can be reused. Usually, if the client has healthy plants that just need to move three inches to the left to create a usable space, then I move the sucker three inches to the left and we all win: client doesn’t have to spend extra money to get new plants, the plant lives, and I can sleep at night knowing I saved a life ;)

That’s part of what makes projects like these so special; sometimes you don’t know what you got until I come in and show you a better place to plant it. However, there are still projects that require a whole new plant wardrobe because we’re starting with a new canvas or the state of things is just kinda sad. Either way, I love using plants to spruce everything up, create barriers and privacy, and infuse life into sandlots.

Sandlot to Oasis

I mean, come on. This project was literally sandlot to oasis and required a lot of new plants to completely make this a yard in general, let alone one that can be enjoyed by the whole family. From the grass to the climbing jasmine, the front, back, and side yards of this property were begging for a do-over - and we were happy to oblige :)

Front Yard Reformation

Sometimes it’s about adding definition. Change up the colors and add some clear lines to outline the gardens and you’ve got yourself a whole new yard that’s pleasing to look at.

For this property, we removed the cold old school spikes of the fence that said “stay out or else,” repainted, and added wood to the fence for a more welcoming and natural look. Then we set to defining the path and planters around the existing trees with different ground cover materials (white gravel vs volcanic rock in this case). This broke up the monotony of the yard and gave each area definition and some depth. Then we threw in decorative agaves and hedges for privacy along the front fence. From dead boring, to intentional. Poof, it’s beautiful!

Classy Spanish Yard

Okay, so sometimes there’s a big messy old tree (the one on the right) that overwhelms an entire yard and covers a fantastic water feature. Down with the messy tree! For the sake of everyone’s sanity and for the love of visual aesthetics, get rid of the messy, invasive tree. The forgotten fountain was revealed and we were able to make this whole yard more cohesive with a classy Spanish look. We were also able to save all the agaves here, which were replanted in new perfect spots - which sometimes makes all the difference.

Hopefully these transformations live as rent free in your head as they do in mine. I love the fact that these spaces look completely renewed with the smallest changes.

Ready for a transformation of your own? Hit me up and let's get this process started!

With love from PUNIAF 😘

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