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Outdoor Accessories that Make Your Yard Your Own

When I first started my own design biz I did not think I’d be spending so much time outside. But here we are, and we’re loving it! Honestly, outdoor spaces offer so much variety and a unique challenge - especially when it comes to accessories and fun little add ons. There are so many options that can take a bland space and make it cute, quirky, or totally formal. So, I’ve collected some of my favorite outdoor accessories that you can add today to make your yard all your own.

LED Light Strips

Need I say more? These come in a variety of styles and brands and are a great DIY project that can make your backyard feel like your own personal dance club!

Photo Credit: PUNIAF.designs

Easily make any patio, pergola, pool house, or outdoor dining area twinkle with these LED string lights. So much character in such an easy addition to any space.

The Jesper Planter is chic and modern with natural acacia wood legs that make it outdoor tolerant. Throw some herbs in there or a small fruit tree to give your patio a little green - and then, when it gets too cold, move the whole thing inside!

You all know just how much I’m in love with black and white, so you had to know I’d include something like this amazing psychedelic rug. Just a little funky but still neutral enough to go with all your other décor.

Photo Credit: Unique Loom

This is so simple and sweet with a lot of character in its unusual shape. Put this amongst the flowers in your garden or use them as extra seats at your dining table.

Photo Credit: Safavieh

Just picture hosting a camp out and these are dotted around your backyard! These lights cast colorful light throughout your property and really take the landscaping to an entirely new level, go for the remote controlled spotlights. They require a transformer and you may need the help of an electrician, but if you trust me, that is truthfully what takes an average nice yard to an “exotic retreat''.

This fire pit is nice and compact so you can fit it into smaller areas and easily move it out into the yard for everyone to gather around. Grab the marshmallows and graham crackers and spend every night telling ghost stories - or save it for nights with hot cocoa or a glass of wine and enjoying the fresh air.

Photo Credit: Anthropologie

A few throw pillows can make an outdoor space feel so homey and welcoming - plus, they make any less-than-comfy outdoor chair comfortable enough to sit in all day and night.

Photo Credit: Anthropologie

Happy shopping! And show me all your outdoor accessories by tagging me ( in your Instagram stories!

With love from PUNIAF <3

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