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Last Minute Xmas Shopping

Christmas is only 19 days away (or even less if you’re a super late shopper 😉), do you have all your shopping done? Usually it’s the people with unique taste or very specific hobbies and interests that are hardest to shop for, so let me help. As you all know, I like artsy things, big, bold colors, and find joy in the unusual décor, design, and statement pieces. If you have a me on your list or need something just…different from the usual, then I have the perfect last minute Xmas shopping list!

Without further ado, here is my list of all things fun and different for the design lover on your list.

For Adults

Teakwood Cocktail Set

For the person who always volunteers to bring the booze to the party! This Teakwood Cocktail Set has a lot of character and the classy teak really sets it apart from other cocktail sets.

Rocket Tequila Decanter

A blast to the past, the retro-inspired Rocket Tequila Decanter is charming and makes great décor in addition to being the perfect bar accessory.

Colsen Rectangular Concrete Tabletop Fire Pit

Take the warmth with you! The Concrete Tabletop Fire Pit can be used inside and outside and is a great way to create atmosphere for parties, dinners, just your average Tuesday night. This uses Isopropyl Alcohol to create clean flames, and even though the fire pit is concrete, it’s still light enough to easily move around.

For Anyone

Eyes Valet Tray

This pretty tray has real gold eyes that peek at you and keep watch over your jewelry and trinkets when you’re not wearing them. This would be an awesome gift for anyone with a jewelry obsession and an eye for the unique would love this!

Gilded Muse Candle

The candle inside smells like an enchanting combo of pink grapefruit, raspberry, French cassis, violet leaves, rose petal, grape leaf, and the multi-face porcelain pot can be reused! I love the gold accents and many faces that surround this Muse candle. This makes a great host gift!

Wall Art

Wall art is one of my favorite things to gift to the art lovers in my life. Especially if you know someone’s art taste, wall art is a great way to give a personalized gift that really speaks to them and their style. I really love the site Great Big Canvas for buying art, and right now I’m obsessing over this African Abstract wall art canvas that’s *chef’s kiss*.

Isto Retro Beanie

Who doesn’t love (and need) a good beanie? The Isto Retro Beanie is made from Merino wool and comes in a variety of retro-inspired color patterns so you’ll be able to get one for everyone!

Cute Socks

Remember when we used to hate getting socks for Christmas? Well, you know you’re an adult when you see these socks and just have to have them! Socks make a great addition to other gifts and stocking stuffers. I’m especially in love with these Cozy Lodge Full Cushion Crew Socks and the adorable Forest Loot Light Cushion Crew Socks.


How is your tree doing? Not ready yet? Don't worry, just order any of the below and you'll be all set. There are literally thousands of options when it comes to ornaments, but I found a few to choose from that would work with almost any taste. First off, these fantastic black and white ornaments (you didn't think I'd get all the way through this post without mentioning something black and white, did you?). Then there are these adorable wooden animal ornaments. They're just so cute and perfectly minimalist. Lastly, is it even Christmas without gold ball ornaments? I mean, this set of shatterproof gold ball tree ornaments has a variety of patterns and is just so classy and chic that anyone is bound to love them!

Karaoke Machine

Who's brave enough? A karaoke machine is fun for the whole family and a great gift for someone who loves to host friends (or anyone who wants to pretend they're Whitney Houston for a few minutes 🙃). This karaoke machine is a Bluetooth, all-in-one machine. Warning: don't gift unless you're willing to sing - it's only fair!

Pine & Divine Wild Pine Scented Mini Gift

Need something little to add on? Looking for a secret Santa gift that doesn’t break the bank? Or need a stocking stuffer that anyone would love? The set includes a Wild Pine Shower Gel, a Wild Pine Body Butter, and a Mini Ramie Bath Lily, so you can treat someone who loves the wild pine scent to a luxurious spa day!

Rich & Creamy Avocado Essentials Gift

Or maybe you have an avocado queen on your list. If that’s the case, they will love this gift set that includes an Avocado Shower Cream, an Avocado Body Yoghurt, an Avocado Hand Balm, and a Mini Ramie Bath Lily.

Levitating Moon Lamp

Seriously everyone will want one of these! The moon hovers above a stand and features an LED light that can be changed to a huge variety of colors. Kids, will adore these and even teens will love the novelty of the levitating moon lamp.

For Pets

FurHaven Calming Cuddler Long Fur Donut Bed

How could I forget about our furry friends?! Treat the pups and kittens in your life to this adorable and cozy fur donut bed!

For Kids

Wooden Play Food Sushi Set

Seriously, who could possibly resist this amazing Play Food Sushi Set? It’s just so cute and I kind of want one for myself.

Just Rocks in a Box

More fun than it sounds! These rocks aren’t any ordinary rocks, they’re

Crayons! Little artists who might double as nature lovers will love these Crayon Rocks that they can arrange or create with.

Good Morning Neighbor Book

This adorable book is illustrated by Maria Dek and written by Davide Cali and teaches about community and friends while following a mouse on his journey to find an egg. Super cute and perfect for all the kids you’re shopping for.

Spark Style Little Kid Backpack

A cute backpack makes everyone's day brighter! This Spark Style backpack comes in three color patterns including rainbow, robot, and strawberry. It’s just adorable (and also very useful for busy kids).

Lets Explore Campfire Smores Play Set

Who says you can’t have a campfire in all weather? This really cute 23-piece play set comes with 4-piece log wooden saw reversible fire pit mat, 2 reversible marshmallows that can be cooked or uncooked, 2 wooden chocolate pieces, and wooden graham crackers, and more!

LCD Writing Tablet

A great, clean way to have kids color and create, I love these LCD writing tablets. If you know kids who just crank out drawing after drawing and are running out of refrigerator space, this is the perfect solution! Also, an adult who likes to doodle wouldn't be mad if this ended up in their stocking this Christmas, either.

For Hosts

Cheese Board Set

This multi-piece cheese board set makes serving cheese and olives super easy! I love that the top layer swings out to create more space AND it comes with little cheese knives so it's an all-in-one gift!

Burlap Round Placemats

To get a more rustic look and create a boho Christmas feel, these placemats are perfect! The simple design means they'll fit in on almost any table and the fringe adds a really cute detail.

Flatasy Silverware Set

Black or gold silverware will contrast fabulously with muted canvas like the above burlap. If you're a stylish host on a budget, find yourself unique cutlery like this Flatasy Silverware Set that will easily complement your style.

No-Fuss Décor

L U N A M A Faux Pampas Grass Christmas Wreath

Too busy to think about your hour christmas decor? You can't go wrong with understated wreaths like this L U N A M A Faux Pampas Grass Wreath - no matter what style or color your front door is, buy it and hang it and you're done.

Winter Wreath with Wood Leaves

A little bit different with more of a rustic aesthetic, I like this winter wreath from VGIA because it can be around all winter long and isn't too flashy.

Green Eucalyptus Leaf Wreath

This one's a little less Christmasy and a little more year-round, but that's okay too! This eucalyptus wreath still goes with all your minimalist Christmas or winter décor. If Christmas isn't your thing, but you still want to change it up, or if you're shopping for someone with a little more subtle taste, this is the wreath for you!

Happy shopping!

Let me know what your favorite gifts to give are by tagging me ( in your Instagram Stories or comment below!

This post may contain affiliate links, but I don't recommend products or sites that I don't trust!

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