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Keep the Spirit(s) Alive: Halloween & Fall Décor You'll Actually Want in Your Home

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Are you someone who enjoys the holidays but finds Halloween décor aesthetically challenging? (To put it nicely...😉) I feel you. Maybe it's time to get something that will be out for more than a couple of weeks without looking completely out of place. In the name of sustainability and keeping the spirit(s) alive for weeks to come, I’ve pulled together a collection of décor and furniture that will bring the Halloween spirit(s) to your home when it matters most as well as all year round.

Let’s get into it!

Just the Spooky Essentials

Okay, so maybe these are not all spooky per se, but they are definitely in keeping with the black, white, orange, and all things fall theme. And some of these really are the essentials for the perfect Halloween :)

Glass Pumpkins

Pretty, classic and understated. These are great if you want to go subtle this fall.

Faux Black Pumpkins

Okay, okay, I know plastic pumpkins get a bad rap for being cheesy, but these are not trying to pass off as real -- they're just aesthetically wonderful!


These cute little guys can be arranged any way you like, and pop right off the wall when you're ready to move on to other holidays.

For all my witches out there! I just couldn't resist including this in the Halloween musts 😉. Also, peep the really cute bat pillow behind it 👀

Just trust me on this one, you'll want LED flood lights for your house on Halloween.

Decorating pumpkins with the kiddos cuts out the mess of carving a real pumpkin and adds something adorably unique to your home.

Last, but certainly not least, in the Halloween essentials is a face paint set! Whether you're an all-out sort of Halloween celebrator or just want to go with some spooky themed make up in general, a kit made specially for the job makes it easy to be ready to go for all the parties and tricks or treats.

Keeping the Spirit(s) Alive

And now we come to the items that are stylish enough to hang around after Halloween season is over. Extra seating for the witches... I mean, friends.. ;) Plus a few gorgeous picks if you just want to keep the orange and black color scheme going, even after all the pumpkins are put out to pasture.

Also, huge shout out to West Elm who absolutely nailed the spooky season/Halloween vibes this year!

Gavin Grey Linen Sofa

Black Round Mod Charcuterie Board

LED Candles

Halloween Corn Husk Wreath

Black And Orange Stripe Table Runner

Half Dipped Metal Coasters

Halloween Spooky Drinking Glasses

Scandi Folk Cotton Napkins

Shop more everyday favorites here, and let me know how you decorate for Halloween and keep the spooky season going all year round! Comment below or tag me ( in your Instagram Stories with you décor ideas.

With love from PUNIAF 😘

This blog post contains affiliate links, but I never recommend products I wouldn't buy myself.

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