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Backyard Vision Boards: Why You Should Have One

Over the past few years since starting I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, I’ve learned how best to build privacy in an attractive way, and I’ve learned how to interpret a client’s vision, even if they don’t have the exact words to express it. But I’ve also learned that it’s helpful when clients can work off of visuals to explain what they want. It’s nice to have photos, swatches, and product examples so we can see the vision without stumbling over words that might not be enough to capture the feel, the vibe, the emotion attached to an aesthetic. Spring is finally, officially here, so it’s the season for revamping your backyard! That’s why it might be helpful for anyone looking to start renovations and backyard do-overs to create a backyard vision, or mood board.

Why You Should Have a Mood Board

The simplest answer is that it’s a great tool to visualize designs, landscaping options, colors, art, lighting, etc. side by side to see if everything works together. But it’s also a way for you, the client, to communicate the look and feel you’re going for when words don’t quite cut it. Mood boards, through photos and material samples, help me see what you see when you look at your space. They also provide a great jumping off point where you and I can work together to explore your options, get an idea of budget, and establish an end goal everyone is happy with.

Creating a Vision Board

There are lots of ways to do this. Pinterest, which is a visuals-based platform, lets you curate photos of almost anything you can think about into a digital board. Browse through Pinterest and save photos of the things you like and want, and we can use it to source and create!

Another great option is a little more physical. You can go old school and cut out or print photos and arrange them in a scrapbook album or on a physical board to lay out all the things you like. Or you can get page protectors and a binder and file away samples and photos of the look you’re going for in the binder, easily flipping through a collection of ideas for your space.

No matter how you choose to create your vision board, keep in mind that it is flexible! Nothing you add is permanent, but it does give me a great idea of where you want us to go. From there, I can offer suggestions and how best to approach the project, offer alternatives and creative design advice, and help bring the vision to life!

Vision Board Examples

If you’re still unsure of what I’m talking about or where to start, here are a few examples to get the creative juices flowing and inspire you to create your own!

If you really know what you’re looking for, have already found items you’d like to have, then a more detailed vision board like this one would be awesome!

If you’re not quite sure what specific pieces you like and want, but know the feeling you’re going for, your vision board can be as simple as this.

And don’t worry, I will help with choosing primary and complementing colors and materials that will last in the environment where we’re using them.

After all, every gorgeous yard was once a sad place + a person with a vision 😉

Exhibit A

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