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6 Comfy Chairs You'll Run to Buy

Who doesn’t love a big comfy chair? Inside or outside, it’s nice to have a place where you can curl up with a good book, snuggle with your kid, cat, or dog, and enjoy a good drink. Also, a good chair can completely make or break a space – they’re a great way to fill in large gaps of empty floor, add some variation in furniture, sprinkle in a small amount of color, and even make sure you have “moveable” seating options (carrying a couch to the other room is just too much work, a chair on the other hand…😂). Plus, Thanksgiving is rapidly making its way to us, as well as other holiday gatherings, and you're going to need a little more space if your family and friends are going to invade.

With all of that said, I want to share some of my favorite super comfy chair options that anyone who loves a good, relaxing moment will run to buy.

Jericho Lounge

Let’s start with outdoor options. The Jericho Lounge is a nice, wide outdoor chair that is upholstered in Sunbrella fabric. It’s water-proof, weather-resistant, and has super deep cushions. For anyone in a year-round warm climate, this is a fantastic chair for enjoying the great outdoors in all seasons.

Newport Chaise Lounge

Another outdoor favorite: the sunbed. These are obviously great for around the pool, but they can also be used on regular patios or even in a large sunroom. Plus, pieces like the Newport Chaise are easy to move around with the set of wheels, so you can easily bring it inside during the colder months or take it out into the yard when you want to soak up some sun.

Dori Indoor/Outdoor Pouf

I love the Dori Pouf concept because they make amazing extra outdoor and indoor seating that is fun and unique and super comfy! The Dori Pouf is an extra large cushion that has a polypropylene cover that's weather-proof for the outdoors and gives off strong natural jute aesthetics. This pouf can double as an ottoman and is easy to bring inside for extra Thanksgiving seating when you have all those guests over 😉

Chloe Media Lounger

If you look at this chair and say that you don’t want to sink into it and live there, then I would say you are lying. The Chloe Media Lounger is definitely an indoor piece, but it looks gorgeous tucked in a corner and is the perfect place to settle in for a long time and enjoy a good book or watch TV. Added bonus: more than one person can perch here so it's great for big families and party seating.

Amara Lounge Chair

The Amara Lounge Chair is a pretty little chair that I think would look great in a chic office space or bedroom. It’s a little Mid-Century Modern with its gold, spoke legs, but it has nice deep cushions and a backrest that wraps around you.

Puffin Lounge

This super classy, velvet chair is a beautiful addition to living rooms. With its tufted design and rounded, enveloping back, the Puffin looks a little Art Deco and definitely comfy. It would also be a great and easy way to add some moody color to your room.

Six simple lounge chairs and so much comfort! Let me know what your favorite or dream chair is by tagging me in your Instagram Stories ( or commenting below!

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